• We provide project and engineering services in international standards.
  • Space frame system, roofing and front coating applications.
  • Production and assembly of steel construction and metal roofing projects.
  • Complete project and consultancy services for industrial facilities.
  • Preparing the blueprints of high buildings and feasibility analysis of the project.
  • Economical analysis and estimating budgets of all types of structural steel buildings.
  • Technical consultancy and turn key engineering services.
  • Turn key prefabricated houses.


  • Gas station canopies.
  • Maintenance and assembly of machines.
  • Piping projects, application and consultancy.

Borulama hizmetleri

  • Air channels, ventilation projects and applications.
  • Pressure pot and peripheral devices projects and applications.
  • Any usage of stainless steel for construction.
  • We may work as a subcontractor. We hire assembly workers, teams of workers experienced in steel construction, weldors, pipe weldors, piping teams, air channel and ventilation specialists. We provide facilities and machine assembly parts.

Yangın merdiveni


What is steel construction?

In 19th and 20th centuries the locomotive of the industrial development was steel. In this era steel gained importance for architectural design also. Steel has become the most important construction material of the 20th century thanks to its wide usage area, ability to get form (pipe, I-beam, rod, plate) and the technical properties.

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