About Us

Our principles

  • To work with well trained and experienced staff.
  • To give importance to the quality for design, production, construction, assembly and management and to complete our commitments in time.
  • To describe the dangers related to the environment, operational health and safety within the frame of the current laws and regulations.
  • To protect the environment by making the necessary analysis.
  • To improve the total quality.

Our policy

In all contracting projects, we provide international level quality service that meets the expectations and requirements of our customers, and is suitable to the current regulations and legal specifications.

  • The continuous improvment activities in order to meet the changing customer expectations.
  • Encouraging our workers to improve themselves in order to provide quality service.
  • To use our resources the most effective and productive way.
  • To maximize our performance and competetiveness but at the same time not compansating our principles and policy.

Our vision

The know how we have gained since the beginning, our organization ability, skills to use the offerings of technology and the team spirit will lead Özemre Construction to outstanding and continuous success.

To have working culture that is healty, safe and respectible to the environment and make it sustainable, is the policy of all Özemre Construction workers.

Honesty, quality and success are the basic principles of Özemre Construction.

Ozemre Construction Industry and Trade Limited Company
Address: Siyavuşpaşa Cad., Okul Sok., No: 10 İstanbul
Email: ozemre@ozemre.com.tr
Branch (1)
Address: Demetevler Mah., Demetevler Cad., 3. km, İsabey Bursa
Phone: (+90 224) 371 37 56
Fax: (+90 224) 371 76 03
Branch (2)
Address: Inside the Cimtas Factory, Gemsaz Locality Bursa
Phone: (+90 224) 519 02 50 internal no: 1580
Fax: (+90 224) 519 02 56